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    Our Story

    My name is Gianluca Astorino, I am the Founder here at Indera Technologies. I've always had a passion for tech, and my love of technology strands from when I was a kid. As I began learning how to code, I gave web development a shot, and well, it was perfect for me. I realized how much I love being able to design, and develop something from scratch for others, and have my work be seen and used by thousands of people around the world, and how people and companies trust me to create something that represents their business and their passion.

    Today, we have a nearly uncountable number of websites, apps, and more developed for clients, and continue to strive for excellence for our clients globally. Our team looks forwards to working with you and providing you with a fantastic experience, while taking your business / idea to the next level!

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    Indera Foundation

    At Indera Technologies, we're keen on supporting and giving back to our local community. The Indera Foundation (est. 2022) will be donating funds at the end of each year to homeless foundations, and the homeless in Toronto, as well as investing in Youth in Technology programs in Ontario, and other Provinces around Canada to provide opportunities to the Youth to learn, grow and gain experience in the IT field.